Your dog may be your best friend…..but it’s important to realise that your dog is a dog. The foundation of Chris’s training and the reason it is effective is because it is based on how socially well-balanced dogs interact with one another.

Understanding and communicating through DOG BODY-LANGUAGE is the key to becoming the leader in your relationship with your dog. It’s a lot like learning a foreign language – dogs communicate very differently than humans.

Most people have dogs who see them as their playmates or pals. That’s all fun and games until the moment a dog won’t listen it’s owner – it may jump on people, not come when it’s called, bark at strangers or destroy your house when left behind… More than likely, you can think of something your dog does that you wish they wouldn’t.

Maybe you’ve been there, repeatedly saying “no” to your canine’s naughty behavior, frustrated because they just don’t seem to listen to you or they ONLY listen if you have a treat. In their eyes, you are a playmate TRYING to be a pack leader.

The great news is that once you’ve established yourself as the pack leader, which Chris will teach you how to do, you can return to being your dog’s best bud and playmate at any time and on YOUR terms. This will allow you to bring the very best out in your relationship with your dog, whether you’re at home, at the beach or out in public.