SUP DOG OZ bases it’s dog training principles and philosophy on how socially well-balanced dogs naturally interact with each other.

Chris will share his knowledge of dog behaviour and body language in practical, easy to follow lessons.

Dog Training with Chris de Aboitiz Sup Dog Oz

Here is a taste of the Training Fundamentals to Come on this page…

The Sit-Stay Drill

is a one-on-one training tool designed to help you learn perfect timing for when and how to reward positive behavior. Consistently rewarding positive behavior and correcting unwanted behavior in ANY type of dog will result in a dog who is more well-balanced and well-behaved. This drill begins to positively challenge your dog and helps you, the handler, develop yourself as the leader.

Are you the leader in your dog’s life?

A simple test will give you the answer. Does your dog ignore you? Does your dog avoid you as it chooses? Does your dog challenge you with play fighting or dominant behavior, or perhaps your dog suffers from separation anxiety? If you answered yes to any of these, your role as the leader in your dog’s life could use improvement.

Give yourself permission to be assertive!

Becoming the leader in your dog’s eyes is critical for their safety and so you can share your life with a well-behaved, happy canine. Imagine if your dog ignores you and chases a cat into the street or develops frustrating behaviors… you’ll wish you had given yourself permission to be assertive and taken the time to become the leader your dog needs.

Chris will teach you how to do this!

As dog owners, we often forget to pay attention to instincts. Our dogs are constantly telling us what is going on and how they are perceiving the world through their body language – it is our job to learn these cues and respond in the moment with rewards or corrections.

To teach your dog the Sit, Stay Drill … and

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