Dog Training Solutions

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Sup Dog Oz Dog Training Solutions Series with Chris de Aboitiz
7 Easy to follow lessons for Only $29.95
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Sup Dog Oz Dog Training Solutions Series 1 With Chris de Aboitiz

Launch Special

Series 1 only $29.95

In the SupDogOz dog training solution series 1 videos, Chris will teach you:

THE KEY: this is the absolute first step guys. Learn how to understand your dog with “Chris Philosophy” to equip yourself on how to bring structure into your dog’s life.

DOG LINGO: how to understand dog language, your body language

SIT STAY DRILL: learn the essential sit, stay drill.

LEAD PULLING: the simple steps to practice which will stop your dog pulling on a lead.

MEET, GREET, TRAVEL: be the leader in your dog’s life. How to meet, greet at home and travel with a considerate canine.

DOG RECALL: should I give my dog treats? Understand dog distractions to learn better recall.

COMMON MISTAKES: how do YOU say hello to your dog when you arrive home ? The dos & don’ts.


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