When I teach the dogs to surf on a SUP, first I take them for a paddle on my SUP in the flat water, get the dogs use to the board, I tell the dogs when they can jump on or off the board, give the dogs clear instructions to sit, stay, or jump and reward them each time when they follow the command with words like “good boy Rama, or good girl Millie”. We work together as a team, build a relationship, establish trust, a bond, a friendship. After SUPing on the flat water I take the dogs to a fun place like a sand bar or the side of a river bank where we can all have a play; this way the dogs know that SUP = FUN. Then the next time I get my SUP out the dogs can’t wait for more and more fun and new adventures….and after some time, practice and my love for the ocean and dogs, I began surfing with my dog pack. So with some dedication, water awareness and dog leadership you can get started on the flat water first then work towards SUPping in the surf.