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Kids, when you and your family are thinking about getting a dog, just keep in mind that there are so many great dogs to choose from in the local dog pound or dog rescue centres. You can research and visit your local dog rescue centre and contact them for a time to meet a variety of dog breeds. You can even look into volunteering to walk the dogs or do some work at your local centre, possibly even dog sit for a night or two. All these things are a great way to help you find the right new friend and one day have fun with your own dog mate.

  1. Give structure to your dog’s life.
  2. Teach your dog to Sit – Stay.
  3. Learn how you want your dog to behave and be consistent with your expectations.
  4. Have fun with your dog, but set boundaries.
  5. Reward your dog’s good, calm behavior as often as you can.

I have always had an affinity with dogs from when I was a young boy. I turned my passion for the ocean and dogs into a career by creating Natural Balance Dog, today, 15 years later you can follow me on @SUPDOGOZ. I have learnt so much from my dogs. I have developed my dog training principles and unique training techniques through my dogs and outdoor adventures. As a dog whisperer I help owners and dogs to better understand each other through a specific series of training exercises.

My dogs and I are active every day. We practice all sorts of fun tricks when we are skate boarding, surf kiting, SUPping or on our Hobie Cat sailing together. The dogs and I enjoy new games and trying new tricks, so we practice in all sorts of fun ways in and out of the water on most days of the week.

When I teach the dogs to surf on a SUP, first I take them for a paddle on my SUP in the flat water, get the dogs use to the board, I tell the dogs when they can jump on or off the board, give the dogs clear instructions to sit, stay, or jump and reward them each time when they follow the command with words like “good boy Rama, or good girl Millie”. We work together as a team, build a relationship, establish trust, a bond, a friendship. After SUPing on the flat water I take the dogs to a fun place like a sand bar or the side of a river bank where we can all have a play; this way the dogs know that SUP = FUN. Then the next time I get my SUP out the dogs can’t wait for more and more fun and new adventures….and after some time, practice and my love for the ocean and dogs, I began surfing with my dog pack. So with some dedication, water awareness and dog leadership you can get started on the flat water first then work towards SUPping in the surf.

Well… first of all I make sure my dogs can do the basics, sit and stay. Dogs love to follow instructions understand their boundaries, know there is someone in charge who they can trust and be rewarded with a loving pat…. dogs really love to please you and most of all to have fun with you, whether it is a game of fetch in your back yard or paddling or surfing on a “stand up paddle board” which is called a SUP.

My dogs Rama, Lani, Millie & Murph are all from dog rescue centres or giveaways. My dogs are my mates. We are all active and we more or less chose each other.…. what I mean by that is my dogs are high energy, they love running, jumping, playing and like me they are always up for active adventures in and out of the water and love the outdoors, so we have a natural bond, it feels right, we are a good fit. Now kids, if I was a lower energy person, I would have looked at other dog types to match the energy …it makes sense doesn’t it! All my dogs are Australian working breeds, which means they are either Kelpies or a cross breed with Border Collie, Red or Blue Heelers. These dogs are a great fit with me and my family.

Hi Chris, my dog is ignoring, challenging, avoiding, over protective of me, can you help me with my dog?
1. Pulling on the lead
2. Barking constantly
3. Jumping Up
4. Whining
5. Recall
6. Fears & Phobias
7. Anxiety
8. Obsessions
9. Dominating & or aggression behaviours

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